Missouri Lt. Governor is out of touch with Americans →

Let’s put aside the diatribe rant on anglo-American justice and concentrate on “we do not do justice in America on the streets.” For one, of course justice is served on the streets. The right to protest is the 1st amendment in the Constitution! Secondly do you think Michael Brown was served justice in the streets when he was shot down? Was that the justice Peter Kinder was alluding to? Where cops get their day in court and black teens are served their sentences at the end of barrel in their own country.

Cenk Uygur talks with Russell Brand on how to bring down the system.

The crime rate has dropped since legalizing marijuana in CO →

Does this mean if we legalize federally the national crime rate will lower?

Nothing works in Ferguson. Here's how to fix a police force – and punish cops →

More on Jeffrey Sachs’ claim here.

More on Jeffrey Sachs’ claim here.

Rick Perry Indicted →

There goes the presidency… :)

Max Blumenthal is a journalist and author currently in the Westbank and making reports from Gaza.

Paul Singer took $13 billion of taxpayer money during the financial crisis by "extorting" GM. He's back to do it again... →

Majority of Scientists are not Republican.